Uechi Ryu Birthday Cake celebration thanks to Kara L. - June 2019

Demo at Shinshunkai Okinawa Kai of Washington, DC - April 2019
Nestor K. and Gansesh perform as part of the

AWCNF Leadership Demonstration Team (LDT)

Master Folta and Gansesh K. escorted the Uechi's thru visit to NYC

Classes are once again underway at Oakton and Springfield locations.  After a long shutdown due to COVID-19 classes are once again underway and the classes are FULL.  Social distancing is done as much as reasonably and masks are required when walking around in the facility.  Students can choose to participate in optional partner drills with selected partners.

Re-open Karate September 2020 

Uechi Hiromasa and Uechi Kanji at Times Square New York City - April 2019

Okinawa Masters Seminar - The Uechi's are Coming! -  April 2019
Uechi Hiromasa (son of Uechi Kanei Sensei) and Uechi Kanji (son of Uechi Kanmei Sensei) Seminar in Fall Church, VA


Rank Promotion Test November 2019

Peter Polander Seminar at AWCNF Dojo - Oct 2019

AWCNF Rank Promotion Test Graduates - June 2019

Master Folta Karate Group to Okinawa - December 2019

AWCNF Performances at National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC - April 2019

Master Folta Teaches at Seminar in Warsaw, Poland and at the Olympic Training Facility in Zakopane - August 2019