Our Mission

The Academy of World Champion Nestor Folta is a Total Personal Development™ school specializing in traditional karate Uechi-ryu from Okinawa, Japan (the Birthplace of Karate).  

Our mission is to make our students more successful in life, in everything they do.  We do this by teaching traditional karate as a complete discipline (mind, body, and spirit) which in additional to physical defense promotes the development of high personal standards and respect for fellow men and woman, boys and girls.  Our focus is to develop students who are positive contributing members in our community. 

Responsibility, respect, and self-discipline are core to our personal standards.  You will learn to feel good about yourself as you work with others to achieve similar goals. You will develop knowledge and skills of Uechi-Ryu (way-chee-roo) karate in a positive environment while using a safe, systematic, and step-by-step progression.